Sunday, January 18, 2009

More than $500!

I was so excited to look today at my personal fundraising page and see that kind people have donated more than $500 to my Avon Walk!

It's only 279 days until the walk! If I can get only $17 in donations every day then I will meet my goal of $5000.

Thanks to everyone who has given already and if you are looking for a great cause to support, then look no further!

1 comment:

Colleen said...

Maybe you can start selling shirts?

See this Zazzle site.

By the way, we haven't talked yet, but I do publicity and marketing part time at Inkwater. I'm convinced "Meeting Mr. Wrong" will sell like hotcakes. Love both of your blogs. I have a couple too... one dreadfully outdated one at

And FYI, if you ask me, that Knoxville blogger was just jealous.