Tuesday, October 7, 2008

What about the knees?

I don't know anything about exercise. Seriously, like nothing.

So I'm concerned, I guess, a little bit. About my stupid knee.

It feels a LOT better, mind you. A lot. I can bend and twist in any number of ways and it's not a problem. I even jumped up and down just a little bit the other day it was okay.

But when I wake up in the morning or if I sit for a long time while at work? It's pretty hurty.

I'm still walking. I busted out a really good pace today and walked for thirty minutes and covered more than the mile and 1/2 that I would normally cover in that time period. It was a rough path even with lots of going upward hills and not so many going downward hills.

And right now? My knee doesn't hurt at all. It's not purple anymore either, so that's cool.

I'm just afraid of injury. I don't want to hurt something and keep myself from my goals.