Thursday, October 2, 2008

Keeping it moving.

I walked again last night. I took a different path which contained a lot more hills and a lot more douchebags than my usual path. My knee and ankle both felt fine the whole time I walked, which was a blessing. This morning my knee is sore, but when I say it's sore I don't mean it's so horrible I can't walk on it. I mean it's just a tad achy.

I can handle just a tad achy.

I walked for thirty minutes last night. It was late and getting dark and the children had homework. I felt like I could have gone further though.

I feel I am ready to walk for an hour at a time each time. I did that last Saturday, despite falling and hurting myself, so I'm sure I can do it when I'm not hobbling in pain.

After I do that for two weeks, I'm going to download a training plan. The internet is full of them, but they all recommend you are at a point at which you feel comfortable walking for one hour at a time before you start.

I'm almost there.

Well, I probably AM there. But I don't have confidence in myself yet. So I'll say I'm almost there.


KrustyLynn said...

Keep it going, girl! You're an inspiration! You have me thinking maybe I'll start training for next year's Rocky Mountain Avon Walk!

I'm fat...

and not in shape.

If you can do it, so can I!!

Jocelyn said...

You are killer awesome. When I've had knee problems or other sundry aches, I can't tell you how valuable a bag of frozen peas has been. I'm too lazy to load up some sort of real ice pack and do myself the favor of icing religiously (I don't even do religion religiously), but I find when there's a bag of the old Bird's Eye in the freezer, I just grab it and put it on the ailment.

One caveat: don't ever eat those peas. They thaw and refreeze and thaw and refreeze and, ultimately, are kind of like Hilary Clinton that way.