Saturday, September 27, 2008

Being clumsy sucks.

I asked Jason to walk with me tonight and it's a good thing I did.

I said to him, "I always carry my cell phone when I walk out here. I'm so afraid I'm going to twist my ankle and fall on this rocky path".

Literally, LITERALLY like less than two minutes later, I TWISTED MY STUPID ANKLE AND FELL.

I skinned my knee and, it turns out, twisted it. My ankle went a funky direction.

I got dirt all over my yoga pants, shoes, and my hand.

I got small rocks and gravel stuck in my hand.

I got up.

I kept walking.

In fact? I walked for an hour.

I might regret it tomorrow. But today? I didn't give up.


Anonymous said...
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Emma in Canada said...

The difference between you and me...I would have turned around and gone home!

Am bookmarking this site, cause with my shite memory am likely to forget.

Emma in Canada said...

Um Chick? Where's this layout from? Can I steal it for my new blog?